How many kinds of absorbency core does the diaper have? Various advantages & disadvantages

The technological innovation of diaper industry is also in full swing, among which, the most eye-catching is the innovation of diaper core body technology. As the “heart” of the diaper, the quality of the core body can be said to directly determine the absorption amount, absorption speed, water locking ability, air permeability, and whether pile and so on. At present, diapers on the market are usually divided into two core structures:

  1. Wood pulp core (that is, fluff pulp), also known as traditional core. A mixture of wood pulp and absorbent resin.
  2. Composite core, also known as hybrid core. It is made of dust-free paper, non-woven fabric and absorbent resin.

The difference between the two core diapers

  1. The wood pulp core is formed by the mixture of fluff pulp and polymer absorbent resin, without stratification or zoning, and is generally known as the traditional core.

Advantage: good transfer
Wood pulp core diapers, mainly through the wood paddle fiber to guide the urine into the absorption core, and then through the polymer material (also known as water absorption primer layer) itself strong water locking performance to lock urine, diaper surface absorb a certain amount of urine, timely lock urine, keep the baby dry butt.

Disadvantages: caking easily
Because it is a disorderly mixture of wood pulp and absorbent resin, the structure is relatively loose, no adhesive is added, can not fix the fluff pulp and polymer absorbent resin, so it is easy to lump; In addition, some diapers want to improve the absorption, it will reduce the proportion of wood pulp, increase the use of water-absorbing resin, it is likely to lead to diapers after water absorption of hard lump and fault.

  1. Composite core diaper, composed of dust-free paper, non-woven fabric and polymer absorbent resin. The polymer absorption factor is used, and the absorption force and locking power of the general imported absorption factor are stronger.

Advantages: not easy to lump
The core body is made of hot melt adhesive between each layer of materials. The core body contains a large number of polymers to ensure the absorption of the diaper, and the whole expands after absorbing water. The diaper with the composite core can retain its original shape after absorbing urine. Light and comfortable, baby wearing no burden.

Disadvantages: The process is complex and the cost is high
The process is more complex, and the cost is higher than the traditional core.

Summary: No matter what kind of core structure, it has its own advantages and disadvantages and characteristics, and which kind of core diaper is selected mainly depends on the use needs of the family. Some people pay more attention to absorption performance and cost, and comfort is not so important, and the general traditional core can be accepted. And some people not only require the absorption of diapers, but also require the surface to be soft, the absorption core, the absorption amount to be large, the reverse osmosis to be small, and the ventilation is better. In order to meet more needs of people, from the point of view of comfort, the composite core is still in continuous innovation and development.

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