Brief analysis disposable diaper composition materials

Disposable diaper composition materials, more than 15 different materials are used to manufacture one diaper:

A polypropylene top sheet that is in direct contact with the people’s skin and is responsible for receiving fluids, an acquisition distribution layer (ADL), which is mostly colored and its responsibility is to distribute fluids into the diaper, the absorption mass, which is a mixture of fluff pulp and super absorbent polymer (SAP), The fluff pulp combs the liquid into the absorption core, and then locks the liquid through the polymer material. A back-sheet layer, which is mostly a breathable type and made of polyethylene and its responsibility is to prevent leakage of fluids and, finally, a fastening system, such as tape, frontal tape, glue and others.

It’s called 3D diapers

  1. Hourglass 3D suspension core: the core and the bottom film are not completely bonded, the core becomes three-dimensional, more layers of absorption, leakage prevention is more thorough!
  2. Super soft 3D skin friendly surface layer: extremely soft, make small butt dry and comfortable.
  3. The third generation of innovative core body: “magic” water-absorbing particles, thin and close-fitting, instant water absorption, continuous layer, to achieve perfect skin care.
  4. Double support three-dimensional innovative protective sheath: spread the diaper protective sheath automatically opens; How to move is comfortable, how to move is not leaking.
  5. 360 degree waist: fit the whole waist, gentle retraction, beautiful and comfortable.

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