How to distinguish diapers are good? We ran six tests

There is a wide range of diapers on the market, how to choose a suitable and very satisfied diaper? In fact, the selection of diapers, there are three points to focus on, respectively, the material, three-dimensional protection and diaper waist. If these 3 points meet the standard, then it is basically a very good diaper.

Test 1: Material; The material of diapers is divided into three layers, which are the surface fabric, the core body and the bottom film.
Test purpose: softness, water absorption, reverse permeability, air permeability.

How to test the “softness” of a diaper?
√ Test action: Touch and roll with your hand

The surface fabric of the diaper, because it is in close contact with the private part of the human body, and the skin is relatively smooth and tender, bad fabric will cause skin allergies. To judge the quality of the surface fabric, the softness is the most basic indicator. Touching directly with the hand is the most intuitive feeling. If it feels soft and soft, it means that the softness is not bad. Or roll up the diaper, if the arc is soft, it means that this diaper is really soft ~

How to test the “water absorption” of diapers?
√ Test action: pour water
The second layer of diaper material is the core body, its function is mainly to absorb liquid, is a very important function of diapers. To measure the water absorption is not strong, mainly look at the amount of absorption and effective absorption. The amount of absorption means that in a certain period of time, the core can absorb all the urine; Effective absorption refers to the absorption of urine during the process, the urine does not re-penetrate. This requires that the skin in contact be kept dry while urinating. (Of course, no matter how powerful the absorption function of the diaper, but also on time to replace) with 500ml, 800ml, 1000ml blue ink into the diaper, if all absorbed and do not penetrate out, are qualified diapers.

How to test the “reverse permeability” of diapers?
√ Test action: Wipe with tissue
Use a paper towel to wipe back and forth the surface of the diaper that has just been filled with water. If the paper towel is not soaked, it indicates that the reverse osmosis is good.

How to test the “breathability” of diapers?
√ Test action: Pour hot water
To a large extent, the material of the bottom film determines the amount of air permeability and the strength of air permeability. The permeability of diapers is not good enough, even if the water absorption is very strong, it is easy to make the skin feel humid and stuffy, causing skin problems such as rash and skin ulceration. Spread the diaper out completely, pour a cup of 150ml hot water over it, then cover the diaper over the rim of a cup and immediately trap it with a rubber band. At this time, put another cup on the top of the diaper, if the cup can appear water quickly, it indicates that the air permeability is good; On the contrary, the cup is dry, indicating that the air permeability is very poor.

Test 2: three-dimensional guard, three-dimensional guard refers to the left and right sides of the absorption body, the role is to prevent liquid leakage in any case of action, so as to avoid damage to the skin and the surrounding.
Test purpose: close-fitting leak-proof

How to test the “close-fitting leakproof” of diapers?
√ Test action: Place coins
The higher the protective circumference, the better the leak-proof effect. Put a $1 coin on the inside side of the diaper. If the inside side is higher than the $1 coin, the anti-leakage effect is good (the inside side should be erected first).

Test 3: diaper waist circumference, although diapers have elastic waist circumference, but it is the same as ordinary pants, according to different people’s body weight, divided into L, XL, XXL. Too large or too small in addition to wearing uncomfortable, but also prone to lateral leakage, resulting in excrement leakage.
Test objective: elasticity, waist size

How to test the “waist” of a diaper?
√ Test action: Select the model
Each diaper package is marked with the size range and applicable population, you can refer to the size data for selection.


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